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Mrs Kaur’s, the name known for its premium bakery products, is loved for its unmatched quality and customer satisfaction. It was six years ago that Mrs Kaur’s launched its premium cookies that instantly became people’s favorite across the country. This popularity drove us at Mrs Kaur’s to expand our product line and then on, it has been a journey of never-ending commitment to quality and service capabilities. This commitment that is inspired by a mother’s love for her child is what makes Mrs Kaur's exceptionally unique.

In addition to extending our range to a variety of premium products such as ice creams, roasted nuts, cakes, chocolates, etc., we also added an elegant offering for our lovers in the form of our new restaurant - Mrs Kaur's Creps & More and Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj.

At Mrs Kaur’s, the most professionally managed bakery, we have a team of chefs who add the magic of their refined culinary skills in the products that are loved by our countless customers across the country. We procure the finest quality ingredients for our products – chocolates from Belgium, nuts from California, Turkey & Australia, Danish ham from Denmark, olive oil from Spain, berries from Australia & France and syrups from America. Recipes from all over the world have been fused with home-style secrets to come up with unique flavors and tastes that leave long-lasting impressions.

Satisfaction of our much-valued customers is of utmost importance to us at Mrs Kaur’s. We extend our best services in ensuring that orders are taken, processed and delivered in the most efficient manner. There is a lot to pick up from what we have to offer at Mrs Kaur’s - be it customized catering services, personalized gift packaging, corporate gifts or holiday specials. We accept online orders for delivery in the National Capital Region and all major cities in India.


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