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Mrs Kaur’s: A Legacy of Flavour, Tradition, and Community

In the bustling heart of Delhi, the irresistible aroma of freshly baked cookies, brownies, cakes, and other delicacies has been a beacon of warmth and taste since 2006. This delightful scent leads you to Mrs Kaur’s, a family-owned bakery that stands as a symbol of love, heritage, and innovation.

Founded by Preet Saini, Mrs Kaur’s was a tribute to family, love, and tradition, named lovingly after his mother. His belief in the magic of authentic flavours and traditional recipes gave birth to the first soft cookie in India. Mrs Kaur’s became a symbol of connection and nostalgia, where every bite had a story to tell. Now, under the creative and passionate direction of his children Anisha & Rish, the legacy of Mrs Kaur’s is not only being preserved but also expanded. Preserving the brand's rich heritage while infusing it with contemporary creativity and innovation. The bakery continues to bloom, honouring the past and embracing the future, with the same dedication and warmth that started it all. 

  • Tradition & Innovation

    With deep roots in tradition and eyes set on the future, Mrs Kaur’s is continually innovating. Our menu evolves, reflecting the seasons and celebrating the richness of global & Indian flavours, all while maintaining the soul that makes us unique. Whether you're enjoying a classic favourite or discovering a new delight, you can ensure every product at Mrs Kaur's is baked with love.

  • Quality

    Quality is not just a promise, it's our standard. We meticulously select the finest ingredients, ensuring each is natural, fresh, and of the highest caliber. Our dedication to quality is evident in the exquisite taste and texture of our baked goods, crafted to perfection in every batch. We believe in serving you nothing but the best, as quality is the cornerstone of our delectable creations.

  • Community & Connection

    Mrs Kaur’s is more than a place to enjoy delectable treats; it's a hub that fosters community and connection. From supporting local producers to investing in community initiatives, we are committed to giving back. Mrs Kaur’s is where friendships are forged, celebrations are shared, and everyone is welcomed with a warm smile.

Meet the Family Team

Preet Saini

Preet Saini is the visionary entrepreneur behind Mrs. Kaur's, a bakery brand founded in 2006 in the heart of Khan Market as a heartfelt tribute to his mother. This endeavor marks the beginning of a remarkable journey in the hospitality sector, starting from a modest shop to becoming a beloved brand. Preet's hospitality career was initially shaped by his role as a division manager at McDonald's in Phoenix, Arizona, where he garnered invaluable experience that he has since carried through his professional life.

Preet's entrepreneurial prowess is further demonstrated by his founding of Underdoggs, India's premier sports bar franchise. Beyond the hospitality realm, Preet also leads Preet Construction Company, specializing in the construction of high-end homes in India. His diversification into construction highlights his versatile business skills and his commitment to delivering quality and luxury in every project.

Anisha Saini

Anisha Saini, proudly carrying the legacy of her grandmother, Mrs. Pritam Kaur, is deeply committed to expanding and realizing the vision her father set for their family business. With a diverse background spanning 12 years across multiple industries, including Food & Beverage Services, Executive Search, and Furniture Manufacturing, Anisha has honed a multifaceted skill set that drives business growth and innovation.

An alumnus of the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management, where she earned her MBA, Anisha brings a global perspective to her work.

Rish Saini

Rish Saini is a distinguished figure in the restaurant industry, bringing 15 years of creative and strategic expertise as the Director of Breakthrough Design Studio. His firm is renowned for its innovative approach to restaurant concept development and design. Rish's entrepreneurial flair is evident in his successful venture, Underdoggs, India's top-rated sports bar franchise, showcasing his knack for combining hospitality with engaging experiences.

Beyond his accomplishments in the restaurant sphere, Rish is also an accomplished professional photographer and a savvy marketing consultant. His ability to merge artistic insight with practical marketing strategies marks him as a versatile and dynamic professional.

A trip down memory lane

To the first store opening back in 2006 in a small 100 sq. ft. store in the alley's of Khan Market, New Delhi.

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